Continuous Heat Treating Furnaces

Continuous heat treating furnaces are efficient at treating large volumes of parts under the same conditions for a given time. Because changing variables such as times, temperatures and atmosphere can be difficult and expensive with continuous heat treating furnaces, they excel especially in situations where a large number of similar components require similar treatment. Economical and uniform, this piece of equipment is ideal for processing small to medium-sized parts for a uniform time at the same temperature, atmosphere and quench settings.

Paulo continuous heat treating furnaces are typically most efficient when heating batches of parts weighing under eight pounds and measuring less than eight inches in length. Often compared to a pizza oven, continuous heat treating furnaces are capable of moving parts along at a rate of over 4,000 pounds per hour. These parts are quenched once they’ve moved through the furnace, which Paulo is capable of doing with oil, salt or caustic quench media. Heat treating this way can lead to efficiency gains under the right circumstances, but it’s also time-consuming and expensive to make frequent changes to the process.

A continuous heat treating furnace’s suitability to a given job depends heavily on part geometry. Based on their cross-section and total size, some parts will be a good fit for a continuous heat treating furnace and others will not. For parts that are a good fit, continuous heat treating furnaces offer higher productivity and more consistent quenching, due to a design that allows parts to fall into the quench sequentially, rather than all at once as would be the case in batch processing.

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