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Solution Treatment

Solution treatment is the heating of a material to temperatures sufficient for the dissolution of its soluble phases, and then held for a period before quenching, causing the material to retain the properties of the solution.

Rapid cooling for strong results.

Solution treatment is a heat treating process that heats alloys to a specific temperature, sustaining that temperature long enough to cause one or more constituents to enter into a solid solution and then rapidly cooled to maintain the solution’s properties. Annealing is a commonly used type of solution treatment, sometimes referred to as solution annealing.

The Right Procedure for the Right Materials.

Solution treatment procedures vary depending on the material being treated. The main variance stems from the temperature the material is heated to and the rate at which it is quenched.

While common alloys including iron, nickel, cobalt and aluminum usually undergo some sort of solution treatment prior to manufacturing, other materials such as stainless steel requires vacuum furnaces for solution treatment because they remove gases from the atmosphere, which in turn prevents oxidation. Precipitation hardening is a common next step in the heat treating process, following an anneal and a quench.

Finding the Perfect Solution for Your Project.

There are many variances to address with solution treating. The main differences concern the temperature to which the material is heated, the amount of time it’s held at that temperature and the rate at which the material is cooled. All of these factors will vary based on the material that’s involved, so it’s important to choose an experienced heat treating partner you can rely on.

We have invested in state-of-the-art computers and equipment to ensure precise, consistent results for your next project.

  • Multiple thermocouples to ensure uniform temperatures across entire lots
  • Computer-controlled heating rates, soak temperatures, times and cooling rates
  • One-cycle solution treat and age, decreasing handling time and improving turnaround
  • Fast cooling in high-pressure quenching vacuum furnaces to maintain desired microstructures
  • Vacuum furnace design to eliminate oxidation, alloy depletion, carbon pickup and surface contamination
  • Specialized fixturing to eliminate eutectic melting, surface contamination, distortion and recrystallization

Find the Right Solution.

We’re ready to help you find the right solution treatment for your project. Contact us today to request a quote or learn more.

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