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Datagineering blends the best people, systems, and equipment to resolve the challenges and mitigate the risks of thermal processing. With over 75 years in business, we’ve built our team and our technology to prevent the real problems manufacturers like you face when it comes to heat treating, brazing, and metal finishing.


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Datagineering provides support for research & development and enhances thermal processing with engineering & metallurgy expertise, while data analysis & collection and quality control give you scientific certainty in your results.

Research & Development

We help manufacturers bring innovations to life with research and development support. If you are testing new materials, refining part designs, or using new manufacturing processes such as additive, we can help you with the thermal processing testing and data that brings you closer to full production. We’re also continuously advancing our own research and development efforts to enhance our capabilities and serve you better.

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Engineering & Metallurgy

With the largest in-house metallurgy team of any commercial thermal processor, Paulo provides support to manufacturers in several ways: specification development, process design & monitoring, testing, failure analysis, and more. Our engineering team makes adjustments to our equipment and also often designs custom fixturing for parts that aids in processing by eliminating masking and reducing distortion, to name a few.

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Data Analysis & Collection

We understand that traceability and supply chain transparency are rising priorities for manufacturers in essential markets. When you trust your parts to Paulo, you’ll receive proof of consistent, repeatable results because our proprietary data collection and automation system is the most robust—and the most precise—when compared with any other heat treating provider.

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Quality Control

Quality in heat treatment results is the bare minimum requirement to serve advanced manufacturers. We push your results beyond quality with our people and technology. While our PICS system and automated process controls ensure proper processing and prevent out-of-spec parts from entering the supply chain, our quality and metallurgy teams are constantly testing and analyzing results to ensure your parts meet specifications every time.

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“We are grateful to have Paulo as our primary backup on heat treating, as they have bailed us out many times. Their great service and quick turnaround times are what keeps them at the top of our list.”

-Purchaser at a Tier 1 Aerospace Supplier

Supply Chain Support & Visibility

Strengthening your supply chain can help you create competitive advantage and forge stronger relationships with your customers due to your ability to deliver under pressure. Our contingency planning support, onboarding process, and online portal deliver peace of mind and transparency when you work with us.

Planning Support

We boost the responsiveness of your supply chain with our centralized network of locations, technology, equipment redundancies, scheduling philosophy, and emergency services. 

With Paulo

We understand that engaging with a new supplier is a complex undertaking. We’ve engineered our onboarding process to ensure that our relationship and your processing run smoothly from the first run onward.

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MyPaulo is an online customer portal that makes uncertainty obsolete when it comes to your thermal processing orders. Integrated with PICS, MyPaulo gives you access to reports and real time job status updates. 


Bring us your challenges.

We can help you resolve any issues you’re struggling with when it comes to thermal processing, heat treating, brazing, and metal finishing. Connect with a Paulo expert today to get started.

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