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Screenprint Brazing

For some flat parts, screenprinting technology can be used to ensure an accurate braze alloy application every time.

Automated, Repeatable Accuracy in Braze Alloy Application

Brazing alloys are often expensive materials, especially if your application calls for gold, silver, palladium, or other precious metals. Inaccurate application of the brazing alloy can lead to extra costs or even scrapped parts. For flat part shapes, Paulo has datagineered screenprinting technology to apply the alloy consistently every time.

How Does Screenprint Brazing Work?

In screenprint brazing, the braze alloy is pushed through a fine screen to transfer the paste onto the part. The screen ensures that the braze alloy is only applied to the desired area on the part. Then, a squeegee passes over the screen, pushing the paste through while preventing excess material from collecting on the part surface. Screenprint brazing allows brazing alloy to be applied in complex patterns that would be difficult to achieve by traditional alloy application techniques.

Benefits of Screenprint Brazing

Here is how screenprint brazing enhances productivity and the bottom line:

  • Less wasted brazing alloy leads to greater cost efficiency
  • Automated application of the alloy reduces processing time
  • More consistent alloy application leads to fewer rejected or scrapped parts

Screenprint Brazing Applications

Not every application is a fit for screenprint brazing, but it is well suited for flat parts such as plate heat exchangers, which are used in a variety of applications including commercial ice makers, HVAC, airplanes, and other industrial applications. Our research and development teams are still working to identify other types of parts where screenprint brazing can enhance results for our customers.

Bring Us Your Challenges

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