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Hot Flattening & Straightening

Often, heat treatments can warp or bend alloys used to make important parts that must be flat to fit together seamlessly.

Expert Flattening for Better Parts.

During metal fabrication, flat and straightened materials are critical for a correct fit and weld. Heat treating and quenching can leave parts slightly warped and unable to fit correctly. Paulo utilizes a variety of processes to straighten and flatten alloys using computer-controlled machinery and overseen by our metallurgical experts to deliver clean, consistent results for every part, every time.

Paulo’s Straightening and Flattening Services

Mechanical straightening

 Hand tools and presses are used to straighten parts after heat treatment. Gauges or other measurement devices are used to verify parts meet straightness requirements.  

Hot flattening

Parts are clamped between large dies and heated to achieve flatness.

The Paulo Edge.

Distortion is often unavoidable in heat treatments. Our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities allow us to handle high volume straightening and flattening jobs to ensure your parts work for their intended purpose. Our manual and hydraulic presses can flatten up to 100 tons, with flattening and clamping fixtures for parts up to 36 inches in diameter. We also utilize a 19-roll straightener for parts up to .5 inch thick and large, computer-controlled furnaces for multiple clamping fixtures.

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