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Research & Development

If you are bringing new products to market, developing new thermal processing specs, or refining existing parts, Paulo can provide support for your research and development efforts.

Pushing the Edge of Impossible

Our research and development partnerships help create, refine, and apply advanced thermal processes for your new products or next generation part designs. Datagineering fuses skilled people, dynamic systems, and cutting edge equipment to take your results to the edge of impossible every day. Here’s how we do it.

New Part Specifications and Testing

Heat treating may be one of the last steps in your manufacturing process, but if you consider heat treatment requirements when developing your new parts, you can achieve better outcomes. We work with many manufacturers to run test cycles on tensile structures, bars, blocks, or prototyped parts to help them establish thermal processing specifications. Paulo’s ability to collect more data than other commercial heat treaters gives you more confidence when establishing parameters for your new or next generation parts.


Heat Treatment Process Improvement

We understand that turnaround times are always a challenge in the supply chain. That’s why we invest resources to continuously improve our processes to reduce cycle times and deliver your finished parts faster. This means that our engineering, metallurgy, and quality teams spend time independently researching and vetting ways to innovate the heat treatment of different materials and parts. We take our learnings and pass them onto you so that your business can reap the benefits.

Have an upcoming R&D project?

We can work directly with your chemists, metallurgists, and engineering teams to help you establish proper thermal processing parameters for your next project. Connect with our heat treating experts today to get the support you need!

Get Connected

Our improvements enhance your results.

In addition to working with manufacturers to make their R&D successful, we dedicate time and resources to internal R&D projects. These efforts help us identify more effective and efficient thermal processing methods and contribute to advancing knowledge in the heat treating and manufacturing communities at large.


We’ve established relationships with manufacturers and equipment builders to conduct independent research that pushes the boundaries of traditional thermal processing. These studies help us share knowledge with the industry: for example, our work on analyzing the effects of HIP and high pressure heat treating on additively manufactured components

Customized Equipment

We often build or customize equipment to meet the needs of evolving markets, meaning that in many cases, we can complete thermal processing jobs that other providers can’t. For example, our St. Louis division built a customized tip-up nitriding furnace to provide ferritic nitrocarburizing for large high pressure die casting dies used in the automotive market

Software & Systems

In order to continuously improve on our ability to deliver, we have an internal team that is dedicated to improving the efficiency of PICS, our automated ordering and processing system.

Operational Improvements

Our furnace operators and plant team members often share ideas on how we can make our systems more efficient and more automated. These suggestions are often turned into solutions that we build from the ground up within our facilities.

Enhance your next R&D project.

Connect with a Paulo expert today to discuss the thermal processing challenges you’re facing in your research and development efforts.

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