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Quality Control

The quality of your parts is the reputation of your business. We’ve created the heat treating industry’s most robust quality control system to protect them both.

Maximizing Human Expertise. Eliminating Human Error.

Our automation and process safeguards give you peace of mind by minimizing opportunity for human error in your parts’ processing. And our technology is backed by a team of thermal processing experts who are committed to the relentless pursuit of perfection in all we do here at Paulo.

Datagineering at Work: Technology and Automation Ensure Quality

To ensure your parts are processed correctly and to prevent any out-of-spec parts from entering the supply chain, we’ve built our proprietary production systems from the ground up. 

Production Systems

We use two proprietary software systems to monitor every aspect of your thermal processing projects. These systems work together to ensure we meet stringent specifications, deliver on promised turnaround times, and catch any processing anomalies before they cause issues.

PICS (Product Information and Customer Service)

PICS receives and stores data from every customer order and every treatment we run. From the time your parts arrive to their final shipment after processing, PICS tracks every step and provides safeguards to ensure you receive only in-spec, quality parts. PICS also provides reporting and documentation to enhance the traceability of your supply chain.


PBS (Paulo Belt System) and PUBS (Paulo Universal Batch System) automatically adjust temperature and atmospheric conditions in our furnaces according to your parts’ recipes. These systems also monitor hundreds of variables each second in our furnaces. We pair that data with customer specs stored in PICS to guarantee parts are treated according to your thermal processing parameters.


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What Are Scrapped Parts Costing You?

Is the fallout rate you’re experiencing from your current thermal processor damaging your bottom line? How much are scrapped parts actually costing you? Our easy-to-use calculator can help you find out.


How PICS and PUBS/PBS Work for You

Here is a brief overview of how our systems create quality results and bring you peace of mind:

  • Order Receiving. When we receive your order, your part recipe and specifications are entered into PICS and sent to our shoplog for scheduling.
  • Preparing for Processing. Once your part is scheduled for processing and assigned to the proper furnace, PICS sends your process parameters directly to PUBS (if we’re using batch equipment such as our vacuum furnaces) or PBS (if your parts are processed on our continuous belt). 
  • Measurement During Processing. PUBS and PBS collect hundreds of data points per second during processing. 
  • If Processing Errors are Detected. We process 99.999% of all parts to specifications the first time. However, if an error occurs during processing (such as temperature that’s too high or too low), our equipment will automatically stop and parts will be quarantined for investigation and testing.
  • Quarantine, Reprocessing, and Release. PICS prevents parts under quarantine from being shipped out of our facility because its safeguards do not allow a shipping label to be generated. Our quality and metallurgy teams work together to identify what went wrong with the quarantined parts, and we can usually reprocess them according to the proper specifications.
  • Testing. Every job processed at Paulo involves some sort of testing in our Quality Lab. Our testing equipment is directly integrated with PICS so data is automatically stored with the proper job number, making it easy for our team to provide you the documentation you need. One example of this is our Results Manager, which sends hardness testing data directly to PICS for storage and future reference.
  • Release. Once parts are tested, our quality team releases the order in PICS, which allows our logistics team to ship the parts to their next destination. No parts can leave any Paulo facility without the specific approval from our dedicated quality team.

Trust Your Parts to Paulo.

Is your current thermal processing partner letting you down when it comes to quality? Connect with a Paulo expert today to discuss the thermal processing challenges you’re facing.

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