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Data Collection & Analysis

We go beyond requirements to precisely measure every aspect of your parts’ processes.

Traceability. Visibility. Accuracy.

Datagineering eliminates uncertainty in your parts’ thermal processing so you can focus your energy on higher-value activities. By using automation to measure more variables more often, centralizing and digitizing data storage, and making secure access to reporting simple, we may quickly become your preferred partner for processing your critical parts.

More Data, Done Better

We believe that there’s no such thing as too much measurement when it comes to processing parts such as aircraft engine turbine blades, automotive braking systems, and other safety critical components. Here are a few ways our data collection approach brings you peace of mind:

Collecting data every second for every process

We go well beyond standard requirements in the rate at which we measure your processes. For example, AMS2750E requires that measurements are taken at least 6 times per cycle with no longer than 15 minutes elapsing between measurements. That’s nowhere close to enough for us or for our customers. We take measurements at least every 15 seconds (and every single second in some applications) for every process we run at Paulo to give our quality team members and our customers complete visibility—and the assurance that their parts were run according to specifications.

500 data tags collected per second

While we’re not the only heat treater who measures data every second, most providers only collect around ten or so data points each measurement. We collect as many as 500, again, to provide unparalleled visibility and greater confidence in the accuracy and control of each process.

Total data collection automation

Much like our furnace controls, we’ve eliminated the potential for human error in data collection. You won’t find a Paulo team member transferring readings from a greasy clipboard manually into a spreadsheet—all of our data is automatically measured by computers, then sent to a centralized repository for storage and analysis.


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Secure, Centralized Data Storage

Data centralization is a common challenge in the thermal processing industry. Many heat treaters struggle with data silos, since information may be stored at the equipment level, the department level, or in different computer systems across their company. At Paulo, your data is securely stored in a centralized system, which means it’s both safe and easy to access whenever you need it. 

  • All raw data is stored in our SCADA system
  • Complete back office and shop floor integration means no information is lost in translation
  • Our centralized SCADA is integrated with PICS, which delivers two benefits: it ensures each data measurement is a single source of truth and makes reporting easier


As industry standards continue to evolve, documentation requirements will only become more stringent. We understand that you need transparency in your supply chain to earn (and keep) the trust of your customers and the end users who rely on your parts. Here’s how our data collection and analysis practices support you:

  • Your data can be securely stored in our system indefinitely for easy reference, even if that request occurs decades in the future
  • We help protect your business from the ramifications of recalls with hard, complete evidence of proper thermal processing
  • We offer certified cycles according to your requirements, and because we take more measurements than other providers, ours give you assurance your parts were processed to spec

Our Operational Excellence Supports You

Our focus on continuous improvement and accuracy, especially when it comes to data, helps us deliver on our promises to you: precise processing with turnaround times you can trust. Here are a few best practices that help us make it happen:

  • We perform frequent self-audits to ensure instrumentation precision, so you can count on the integrity of our measurements
  • We analyze data to get a clearer picture of equipment health, which helps us prevent equipment downtime and ensure that our furnaces are performing at their peak
  • Peak performance of our furnaces and equipment enables faster recovery times (increasing throughput and thus reducing turnaround times for you), in addition to greater accuracy and more precise control

Trust Your Parts to Paulo.

Is your current thermal processing partner letting you down when it comes to quality? Connect with a Paulo expert today to discuss the thermal processing challenges you’re facing.

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