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Materials We Work With

At Paulo, we specialize in heat treating a wide range of materials, from basic carbon steels to highly specialized alloys designed for the most advanced applications.

Advanced Metallurgical Expertise

How are your parts made? Your manufacturing process yields unique characteristics that Every material behaves differently under heat treatment, presenting unique challenges that require expertise and precision. Our metallurgy and engineering teams understand the nuances of heat treating various metals and are equipped to deliver components that meet your exact specifications.

Tool Steel

Enhanced wear resistance for tools that must withstand extreme pressures, repetitive impacts, or abrasive conditions without compromising their integrity or performance.

Explore Tool Steel

Alloy Steel

High strength and ductility for structural components and heavy machinery where failure is not an option.

Explore Alloy Steel

8620, 1018, and Other Carburizing Steel

The top choice for case hardening applications where an extremely hard, wear resistant surface and ductile core are needed for parts to reliably perform.

Boron Steel

Superior machinability and heat treatability, unlike any other material that’s commonly used in manufacturing.

Stainless Steel

Corrosion resistance and durability make stainless steel ideal for medical instruments, food processing equipment, and other applications exposed to moisture or chemicals.

Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)

Maraging Steel

Ultra-high strength and toughness for aerospace and high-performance engineering applications where a precise balance of strength and ductility are needed.


Engineered for extreme conditions, nickel-based superalloys offer exceptional resistance to high temperatures, making them suitable for aerospace and space applications.


With an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, and the ability to withstand higher temperatures, titanium is a go-to material for many mission-critical applications.

Copper, Brass, and Bronze

These non-ferrous metals provide excellent electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and malleability for electrical components and non-sparking hand tools used for oil and gas.


Lightweight and versatile, aluminum is used in aerospace and automotive where reduced weight and high strength are essential.

Bring Us Your Challenges

If you’re not seeing results from your current thermal processing supplier, we can help. Connect with a Paulo expert today to get started.rn

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