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Facility Information

What certifications and approvals do you have? +

We have an ever-expanding list of certifications and approvals for automotive, aerospace, defense, tooling and beyond!

Where are you located? +

We have six fully-equipped facilities strategically located throughout the US and Mexico to support nearshored supply chains with fast and precise heat treatment. 

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Where do I ship my parts? +

The quote letter for your order contains all shipping instructions including shipping address, receiving requirements, and other information. If you’re having trouble finding it, please contact the Paulo rep for your location.

Cleveland, OH  |  Phone: (440) 946-5900

Kansas City, MO  |  Phone: (816) 861-7500

Monterrey, MX  |  Phone: (+52) 811-454-1400

Murfreesboro, TN  |  Phone: (615) 896-1385

Nashville, TN   |  Phone: (615) 228-2526

St. Louis, MO  |  Phone: (314) 647-7500

Turnaround and Order Tracking

Can I track my parts at your facility? +

Yes, we offer two convenient ways to view and share part status and other information about your order. 

  1. MyPaulo: Our secure portal is connected with our production information system and is always up to date. You can log in to see current order status, scheduled ship dates, recently processed orders, and more! 
  2. Real-Time Email Notifications: Let our team know who on your team should be receiving regular order updates for your order.

Does Paulo offer trucking services? +

Paulo offers trucking in select markets. For more details please contact your Paulo facility or speak to your sales person during the quoting process. 

If Paulo trucking isn’t available for your location we work with third party carriers to manage transportation to and from our facilities.

What is your standard turnaround time? +

Typical turnaround is 3-5 days. Some processes require more time, particularly parts that receive multiple processes (e.g., heat treatment and plating). 

We understand how important consistent quick turnaround is for you and your end customers. Paulo provides standard turnaround for common materials and processes as part of the customer onboarding process, which varies by plant location.

Process and Requirements

Do you help with R&D? +

Yes! Our metallurgists have extensive experience working with engineering teams at leading manufacturers to prove new materials and bring new parts into production. 

More About Research and Development Support

Does Paulo black oxide stainless steel parts? +

We do not black oxide stainless steel parts.

Does Paulo offer induction and laser heat treating? +

While we have a wide range of brazing, heat treating, and finishing capabilities, we do not currently offer induction or laser heat treating.

Does Paulo sell equipment? +

No, Paulo does not sell any furnaces or other heat treating equipment.

How does Paulo check case depth, micro, core, or mid-radius hardness? +

We conduct tests on your parts if it’s specified on your order. We have a state-of-the-art quality testing lab where we analyze test coupons and send you the data from those tests.

If your order requires destructive testing, you must note it in your paperwork and submit a test coupon. Test coupons should be representative of the part – with the same material and cross section.

How does Paulo handle charpy and tensile testing? +

We partner with trusted 3rd party labs to perform all of our charpy and tensile tests. All of the data from these tests are shared with our customers.

How does Paulo handle weight or quantity discrepancies? +

Incoming orders under 100 pieces per 100 pounds are physically counted. If our team discovers an issue with piece count or weight, we’ll be in touch.

What happens if I send in a new part or order that is not part of a quote? +

We understand both quality and time are of critical importance. For this reason, if we receive all of the information we need for those new parts, we will proceed. This includes orders that may not have a formal quote. If we do not have an existing pricing agreement, we will bill you our standard fees.

What if I have special packaging requirements? +

We will work to accommodate any special packaging request you have. Make sure to specify your requests on your order, or contact shipping and receiving at the location where your parts are being treated.

If you do not request special packaging, we will return your orders as we receive them.

Why do you require a tolerance for flatness, straightness, or distortion? +

We make every effort to prevent distortion during processing. However, if you request “keep flat or straight,” we do need a tolerance to check. To learn more about distortion, check out this article on How Much Distortion to Expect During Heat Treating.

Payment Policies

How does Paulo handle payments? +

COD payment arrangements must be made before your order leaves our building.

What forms of payments do you take? +

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. All credit cards will be subject to a 5% surcharge.

Still have questions? Send us a message.

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