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Cryogenic & Deep Freezing

Our cryogenic experts will work with you to create a process that permanently refines the grain structure of your most important parts – creating parts that are metallurgically improved and stabilized with a denser, smoother surface.

Deep Cryogenics, Refined Structures.

The technology of cryogenics – exposing metal parts to temperatures around -320˚F – has tremendous benefits for industrial applications. Typically occurring between the quenching and tempering processes, deep and cryogenic freezing helps to eliminate the presence of retained austenite in steel that was not transformed during heat treatment which can contribute to part wear and fatigue.

Deep and cryogenic freezes can prevent dimensional changes in parts even after they’ve been treated. In some highly specialized applications, especially for parts performing precision functions, dimensional changes can easily render a part useless, especially with components required to be tough and wear resistant. It’s critically important they be treated in a way that allows them to retain their shape over time. Many steel alloys are susceptible to retained austenite. Cryogenic freezes are used to achieve a full transformation to martensite, after treatments like vacuum heat treating.

When should you use cryogenic freezing?

Our cryogenic services are ideal for your parts that need to be tough and wear resistant. This process is frequently used with ultra-high-precision parts such as gun barrels, dies and gears, as well as drill bits, end mills, forging dies, crankshafts, medical Instruments and more.

Delivering Consistency.

Paulo customers can trust our purpose-built Production Information and Customer Service system (PICS) to provide consistency from start to finish. From the time your weight calculations are entered into our system, through process control, our high-tech approach to cryogenics will ensure your parts have the strength and resiliency they need to perform.

Start a conversation.

We’re ready to handle your cryogenic needs with precision and consistency. Request a quote today or give us a call to learn more.

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