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Vacuum Furnaces

A vacuum furnace consists of a sealed chamber connected to a system designed to remove air and gas. Internal heaters in the chamber allow parts to be processed in a vacuum.

Sophisticated Furnaces for Complex Alloys.

Vacuum furnaces are often the best option for heat treating and brazing more complex super alloys used for the aerospace and defense industries, medical implants, tools and industrial power generation, among others. Vacuum furnaces evacuate all atmosphere in order to prevent unwanted chemical reactions from occurring during the heat treating or brazing process. It also allows metallurgists to design in-depth thermal processes. Through hardening, solution treating, aging, tempering and annealing can all be done in vacuum.Our vacuum furnaces also allow for the process of brazing—joining two materials by melting an alloy between them—to be conducted without fear of contamination from other materials. For loads up to 44 inches by 42 inches by 60 inches, our vacuum brazing furnaces achieve precise, computer-controlled temperature settings during both heating and cooling for optimal results.

The Benefits of Vacuum Furnaces

During heat treating, our furnaces can heat complex alloys weighing up to 8,000 pounds in uniform intervals until they reach the austenitizing temperature. Once this process is complete, there’s no need for traditional quenching by dipping the parts into a liquid solution; the furnace can be back-filled with nitrogen or other gasses like Argon, for cooling. Quench gasses in vacuum furnaces can reach quench pressures of up to 20 bar.

Precise control over elaborate thermal cycles.

As with all Paulo equipment, our vacuum furnaces are integrated with our Production Information and Customer Service system (PICS), which allows for tight control over elaborate thermal cycle designs, including variables like heating rates and pressure. And because the process takes place in a vacuum,  the parts don’t move, allowing our engineers to measure exactly what’s happening to your parts, throughout the process, ensuring parts have achieved the desired cooling rates and uniform heating, rather than measuring conditions in the furnace as a whole.

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