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Are you considering outsourcing your heat treating operations? Manufacturers often struggle with this decision, and for good reason. Keeping heat treating in house allows operators complete control over thermal processing results. Relinquishing that control and putting a critical manufacturing step into the hands of an outside partner is a daring step—but with the right commercial heat treater, it can be a decision that leads to the next phase of growth for your manufacturing company.

Furthermore, outsourcing heat treating safeguards profitability and streamlines operations. While keeping heat treating in house may seem like the less expensive option, there are hidden costs—in both dollars and time—that many business owners overlook when approaching this decision. In this white paper, we will outline the true costs of in-house heat treating, and we will highlight how outsourcing it can spark the improvements and innovation you need to take your business to the next level.

Part 1

The Costs of In-House Heat Treating

Part 2

The Outsourced Advantage

Part 3

Standards, Certifications, & Audits

Part 4

Focus on Your Core Business

Part 1


Some of the costs of running your heat treating operations in house are obvious: capital expenditures of purchasing equipment, renting space, and hiring someone to run the furnace. However, there are many costs to inhouse heat treating that aren’t as apparent… and to make a solid business decision, all the ramifications should be considered. We will cover several areas of commonly overlooked costs, including: labor, technical expertise, support and maintenance, safety, insurance and depreciation, furnaces and auxiliary equipment, facilities, operations and environmental concerns.

In this guide, we discuss:

  • How outsourcing cut costs
  • Standards, certificates and audits you no longer need to worry about
  • How outsourcing allows you to focus more on core business offerings

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