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Is in-house or outsourced heat treating better for your operations? This is the single question asked by all manufacturers who require heat treating for their parts. And the truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

For OEMs and suppliers who already have equipment and are outgrowing their current capacity, there may be an urgent need to handle overflow. In this case, the question becomes, will the need for increased capacity last? How likely is ROI on your capital investment?

For those without an established in-house operation, on the other hand, there may be too many unknown factors to make an informed decision. Investing in your own furnace may seem like the more economical solution, but smart businesses will ask: What’s the risk?

In this guide, we provide an unfiltered view of the costs of heat treating to help you make informed decisions for your company.

Part 1

The Cost Breakdown

Part 2

Building a Reliable Team

Part 3

Minimum Cost of Labor

Part 4

Support and Maintenance

Part 5

Operational Costs and Equipment

Part 6

Environmental Fees

Part 7

The Outsource Advantage

Part 8

Smart Heat Treating Partnerships

Part 1


Some of the costs of running your heat treating operations in house are obvious: capital expenditures of purchasing equipment, renting space, and hiring someone to run the furnace. However, there are many costs to in-house heat treating that aren’t as apparent. And to make a smart business decision, all these factors should be considered.

We will cover several areas of commonly overlooked costs, including labor, technical expertise, support and maintenance, safety, insurance and depreciation, furnaces and auxiliary equipment, facilities, operations, and environmental concerns.

In this guide, we discuss:

  • The cost breakdown of in-house heat treating
  • Biggest risks and contingencies to plan for
  • The benefits of outsourcing

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