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Continuous Austemper Furnaces

Often referred to as salt baths, the use of continuous austemper furnaces reduce the chances for part distortion.

Precision Heating for Consistent Parts.

In many austempering processes, pieces are first heated in salt baths to temperatures as high as 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the material. The carbon atoms that add hardness to a part cannot dissolve into it unless a part is austenitized, causing a transformation of the part’s crystal structure. The salt baths allow parts to be suspended during quenching, reducing the chance for distortion that exists with other methods while adding strength and ductility to the part.

Quicker Heating

Salt baths hold a precise temperature, serving as an automatic preheat before melting. This raises the part’s temperature at a fater rate, reducing distortion.

Controlled Atmosphere

Salt baths help eliminate scaling, oxidation, and decarburizing.

Precise Temperatures

Our continuous austempering furnaces ensure precise temperature throughout the bath to prevent weak spots in parts.

High Tech Furnaces for Stronger Parts.

Our Production Information and Customer Service system (PICS) ensures precise, computer-controlled operating temperatures to yield consistent results. A benefit of salt baths is the wide range of available operating temperatures, which adds a degree of flexibility. Lower temperatures can be used when there are special concerns for cracking or distortion control in a process known as marquenching, while higher temperatures, can be used to achieve an extremely strong yet ductile final product. And because distortion typically occurs for longer parts, Paulo’s salt baths are made to accommodate parts measuring up to 54 inches long with maximum temperature of 1,650 degrees and a quenching range of 300 to 900 degrees.

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