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Brazing is the joining of steel parts using a filler metal with a lower melting point than the parts being joined. The molten filler metal flows into the gap between the parts. Then, when it cools, the filler metal solidifies, forming a strong bond between the joined parts.
Precision in the application of brazing alloys is not easy to achieve. When working with materials such as copper, nickel-based alloys, silver, gold, and palladium, wasted braze alloy can mean money down the drain. Manual methods such as torch brazing are time consuming and prone to human error. The risks include not only wasted braze alloy but scrapped parts and high labor costs. 
Hydrogen brazing and vacuum brazing offer much better control and more repeatable results than the manual alternative. Precision controls on the furnace ensure parts come out bright, shiny, and within tolerance every time…as long as the braze alloy is applied properly. 
Thanks to the research & development efforts of our team, Paulo has added a new capability that uses screen printing technology to apply braze alloys to flat parts. The precision of this method prevents braze alloy from being wasted, applies alloy uniformly and consistently, and is much faster than other methods. For example, we converted a customer’s parts from traditional braze alloy application to screen printing and increased their productivity by over 20x, while reducing rejects and wasted alloy. 
What this means for our customers is quicker turnaround times, lower costs, and fewer parts reaching the scrap bin, to name a few. Screen print brazing is ideal for flat parts such as plate heat exchangers, which are used in many different applications from commercial ice makers to airplanes. 
Due to its increased speed, lower waste, and cost efficiency, screen print brazing can help you bring new products that require brazing to market at a more beneficial margin. Paulo is able to scale other processes in similar ways to help manufacturers ease the transition from research and development to production. 
We are still discovering new applications that can benefit from screen print brazing. If you are looking to gain cost and time efficiencies for your brazed parts, we can help. Contact a Paulo expert today and let’s discuss the possibilities.

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