Quality Systems

Fulfilling our mission to help you succeed.

We’ve built our entire company around one simple promise: to help you succeed. That’s not a hollow promise. We’ve made extensive investments in processes, people and technology to ensure quality and consistency at every level.

It starts with PICS.

Our Production Information and Customer Service system (PICS) was designed in-house, by Paulo’s metallurgical experts and engineers. Why? Because we didn’t want to trust your most critical parts and components to any off-the-shelf tracking system. With our own software and custom hardware, we’re able to track every single step. Built-in measurements at each stage build consistency and reliability, and keep your project on time and on budget.

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It’s supported by our metallurgy experts.

Our in-house metallurgical services and testing team is here to provide technical and heat treatment guidance for our customers. This includes working with you to research and design new processes and analyze and improve your parts and components.

And it’s all backed up by a full engineering team.

If you have a complex challenge, we have the talent in each Paulo division to help you conquer it. With testing labs on-site, we have the talent and equipment in place in house to make your parts the very best they can be.

Certified where it matters.

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