Integral Quench Furnaces

Integral quench (or batch) furnaces often prove ideal for small batches of parts, larger-sized parts and parts which require some flexibility in cycle time. As opposed to a continuous heat treating furnace, these furnaces feature enclosed, atmosphere-tight heating chambers, not unlike a heavy-duty version of the oven found in your home kitchen. Unlike your home kitchen, though, Paulo’s integral quench furnaces reach 1750 degrees Fahrenheit and run four processes for the treatment of metal parts: neutral hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing.

Because batch furnaces operate with enclosed heating chambers, a part’s size will factor into deciding whether or not this piece of equipment is right for your job. Paulo’s integral quench furnaces range up to 36 inches by 48 inches by 36 inches, for example. Larger, heavier components can sometimes be processed in these furnaces, though, especially if long heat treat and quench times are required. Unlike with continuous heat treating furnaces, integral quench furnaces’ run time is limited only by the customer’s budget.

As you can expect with Paulo, all of our equipment is constantly speaking with one of the most sophisticated purpose-built computerized control systems in the industry. From initial customer specifications to production management to quality control, Paulo’s Production Information and Customer Service system (PICS) is at the helm. This staple of Paulo operations helps to ensure that conditions within our integral quench furnaces match the time, temperature and atmospheric conditions specified for your job.

Process is important. Download: The role of quenching in heat treating