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Salt Pot Furnace

Also known as salt baths, the salt pot furnaces at Paulo Kansas City provide precision processing for a variety of components, including agricultural and automotive applications.

Benefits of Salt Bath Heat Treatment

When parts are treated in a salt pot furnace, they are immersed in molten salt, which lends several benefits to the process.

  • Prevention of distortion and quench cracking. Molten salt has a slower, controlled cooling rate when compared to other quench media such as water or oil. The slower rate of cooling reduces the risk of distortion and quench cracking in the treated parts, which is especially beneficial for parts that require tight tolerances.
  • Faster heating. Parts are brought up to temperature more quickly when immersed in the liquid media of molten salt when compared to heating by radiation or convection (gas). 
  • Reduced risk of surface oxidation and decarburization. Because the parts are immersed in the molten salt during processing, they have minimal contact with the atmosphere. This reduces the risk of oxidation and decarburization during treatment.

Salt Pot Furnace Processes

  • Austempering. Also performed in continuous austemper furnaces, austempering delivers enhanced strength and ductility to treated parts.
  • Martempering. Also referred to as stepped quenching, interrupted quenching, or marquenching, this process eliminates the risk of distortion while achieving high hardness, resistance to cracking, increased impact strength, and higher wear resistance in steel parts.

Salt Pot Furnace Specifications

  • Maximum Working Area Size: 16” L x 32” W x 58” H
  • Temperature: 1,350–1,650°F
  • Atmosphere: Salt
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