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Tip-Up Furnaces

Tip-Up Furnaces for Large Loads.

Our tip-up furnaces are ideal for precision processing on heavy loads such as HPDC dies for automotive applications or large volumes of castings and forgings. Our equipment collection features precision-engineered tip-up furnaces made by a leading furnace builder as well as one tip-up furnace built by our engineering team right here at Paulo.

Tip-Up Furnace Specifications

Our tip-up furnaces are integrated with our proprietary PICS system that stores all processing parameters and tracks every order from receiving to shipment. They are also equipped with automated controls that take frequent measurements to ensure proper processing takes place on every cycle.

Tip-up furnaces are batch equipment where we usually load the product using a forklift or other handling equipment. The “clam-shell” design of tip-up furnaces eliminates potential furnace door leaks because the furnace bottom perimeter is sealed during processing. 

Ultra High-Capacity Tip-Up Furnaces

We have eight of these furnaces at our Monterrey division that perform ferritic nitrocarburizing and stress relief for high-performance, safety-critical automotive castings, among other applications.

  • Maximum Working Area Size: 64” L x 376” W x 85” H
  • Maximum Capacity: 100,000 lbs
  • Temperature Range: 392–1,250°F
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen/Hydrocarbon Carrier Gas

Tip-Up Nitriding Furnace

Located in our St. Louis division, this furnace was engineered and built by our in-house team at Paulo. It is also used for ferritic nitrocarburizing and stress relief. 

  • Maximum Working Area Size: 67” L x 102” W x 89” H
  • Maximum Capacity: 30,000 lbs
  • Temperature: up to 1,250°F
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen/Hydrocarbon Carrier Gas

Let’s Get Started

Have a project that requires processing in a tip-up furnace? Paulo can help you achieve precise, repeatable results. Tell us a little about your project and we’ll connect you with a Paulo expert who can help.

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