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Black Oxide Lines

Our black oxide lines provide a smooth, long-lasting layer of protection that looks great and fights corrosion.

Making parts last longer.

Black oxide coating creates a chemical reaction on the surface of a metal part that turns it black. Black oxiding creates magnetite (Fe3O4), an alloy of iron and oxygen molecules, on the surface of the metal. Dipping a metal part into a heated, alkaline liquid for a specific period of time triggers the chemical process that forms magnetite on the part’s surface.

Black oxide finishes are used for aesthetics, mild corrosion resistance and to minimize light reflection for a wide range of ferrous metals. Achieved by submersion into a high-temperature chemical bath, we use a rack-and-dip process, as well as barrels for a high degree of flexibility in finishing parts of various shapes and sizes.

Rack and Dip

Parts are placed onto a rack and then lowered into large tanks. This process can handle bigger, heavier parts and provides a complete coating to avoid nicks and dings.


Parts are placed in a barrel where they agitate. This is the best way to handle a high volume of small, lightweight parts while maintaining our high level of consistency every time.

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