Heat Treating Services

Revealing strength through flexibility

Heat treatment enhances parts by making them harder, tougher, stronger and more resistant to wear. At Paulo, we leverage our leading material knowledge and process expertise to offer a wide variety of heat treating services to improve the finished quality of parts used in all industries.

Among our most popular services are vacuum heat treating, austempering, case hardening and through hardening. But we also offer many other secondary and specialty services like gas nitriding, flattening, straightening and ferritic nitrocarburizing to meet specified requirements for a wide array of unique industrial parts.

Our treatment capabilities are many and varied to suit your needs. From everyday necessities like seat belt buckles and structural bolts to tool steel components and critical jet engine turbine blades, our array of heat treating services allows us to improve the finished quality of any part for any application.

From small batches to orders by the truckload, our skilled staff crafts heat treatment solutions that fit your needs, keep risks in check and ensure your projects stay on schedule. We do it with the help of quality control software we built ourselves.

Heat treating services we offer include:

Staying responsive to customer needs requires flexibility, and that’s why we spread our broad range of heat treating services among facilities across North America, positioning us to serve the needs of any industry, almost anywhere.

Paulo locations offering heat treat services:

Whether you’re considering a one-off job or a long-term partnership, we want to talk about your heat treating needs. Get the conversation started by requesting a quote now, or contact us or learn more about heat treatment procedures by downloading the guide below.

Heat treating 101: An introduction to heat treating procedures