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The Space Race 2.0 is well underway as private sector companies compete for opportunity in this next frontier. Advancements in tech and materials have the potential to take humankind further than ever before.

But in this race, it’s not just a matter of who can find the greatest innovative solutions, but also make them ready for repeatable, scalable production.

In this guide, we’ll cover how the latest advancements in additive manufacturing are shaping the future of space, and how heat treating is bringing these innovations to fruition.

Part 1

Beyond a Man on the Moon

Part 2

Additive Manufacturing for Space

Part 3

Thermal Processing for Additive Manufacturing

Part 4

R&D for Space

Part 5

Other Process & Space

Part 6

Space Parts Requiring Thermal Processing

Part 7

Materials Used in Space Parts

Part 8

Go for Launch

Part 1


Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the U.S. and Soviet Union (now the Russian Federation) were not only engaged in the relentless Cold War but also in another, otherworldly battle to master spaceflight and be first to step foot on the moon.

Today a new space race is underway, this time between private sector enterprises that aim to bring space programs to the masses—and a wide range of new technology is helping unlock our space potential.

Worldwide broadband and new methods of power generation are just some of the ways that industry visionaries are reimagining life on Earth to be better connected and sustainable. At the same time, advances in additive manufacturing are fueling the possibility of long-range human space expeditions.

In this guide, we discuss:

  • Additive manufacturing’s role in the launch to space. 
  • Novel superalloys and heat treating processes.
  • Using data to move rapidly from R&D to production-ready.
  • How Paulo is helping OEMs develop competitive advantage in the race to space.

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