Vacuum furnace technology has advanced quite a bit throughout the years. While conventional oil quenching method still produces great results, newer high-pressure gas technique is the preferred method for many metallurgists.

One big advantage to using high-pressure gas is that it treats material in a much more uniform way. While all forms of heat treating will cause some level of distortion, we typically see 50-75% less distortion with gas than with oil quenching. 

There is also a difference in ductility between gas and oil methods. When comparing identical AISI 4140 parts that have been heat treated using the different methods, we see a higher yield strength and greater elongation in the sample treated with high-pressure gas over the oil-quenched part.

Metallurgists at Paulo are experts in the science of heat treating and today’s most advanced technology for hardening steel. Reach out to us today to learn more about our heat treating capabilities. 

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