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What is datagineering? Here is how we define it: Datagineering is bringing together the very best of people, science, data, and technology to produce unparalleled results in thermal processing. This new word and concept came to life based on the work of our smart operators, engineers, metallurgists, and leaders at all levels throughout the Paulo system. 
What does datagineering look like?
Stories of datagineering at work happen every day at Paulo. These are just a few examples of how datagineering comes to life at our company:
One of our plant team members in Cleveland refused to be limited by an ergonomic challenge, bringing concerns to the project engineering team who ultimately improved the equipment configuration to produce better results in a less physically taxing way. 
Our metallurgists at our St. Louis division have taken analysis to a whole new level with the way they monitor drift in hardness testing results. Even though results stay within the acceptable range, they are still investigating historical drift to proactively identify maintenance concerns with Paulo equipment or in some cases, issues with the customer’s alloys that need to be corrected earlier in the supply chain. Where other heat treaters may just be checking a box that a part is within the acceptable range of hardness, we’re finding the story in the data and using it to make our parts and our processes even better. 
Finally, we don’t accept the limitations of process controls and measurement in our equipment. We tear out the out-of-box systems and install our own controls to give you scientific confidence in your results. This practice adds up to a new standard of quality and better repeatability…which makes safer cars, aircraft, and firearms for the people who depend on them. Other heat treaters stop at measuring 10 tags per second—for us, that’s not even close to good enough. In many applications, we measure 500 tags per second—not because our customers ask us to, but because it’s the right thing to do.
How datagineering impacts you
So when our team members are out on the floor, visiting with a customer, or at their desks in the office, they continue to question every process with you, our customer, in mind. Our team members are what give us the confidence to meet with the world’s leading innovators and promise that we can deliver the quality, safety, and repeatability they need to grow. 
When airplanes take off and when people start their cars heading to work, they are depending on Paulo treated parts. That’s why we demand that our team members never stop innovating, never stop questioning. That’s what makes a difference here at Paulo…and that’s what makes our parts the very best. 
To learn more about what datagineering can do you for your business, contact a Paulo expert today.

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