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Paulo is excited to announce the recent Boeing approval of our Cleveland Division. Following a multi-day onsite audit, the plant is approved for several Boeing specifications including BAC5613, BAC5616, and BAC5619. These specifications pertain to the heat treatment of titanium, nickel-cobalt, and stainless steel respectively. Twelve furnaces were approved for each of these processes representing a dramatic increase in capacity for heat treating to these specs.

Vacuum heat treating furnace

Boeing approval for the Cleveland Division was requested by a Paulo customer who was struggling with existing approved heat treating suppliers. The Senior Buyer who led the charge said, “Paulo is the Greatest Supplier I have EVER worked with! Quality Service! Amazing lead times. Great communication! The Paulo Team is absolutely Phenomenal!!”

Dustin Lawhon, National Sales Manager, worked with the customer, auditors, and the Cleveland plant team during the approval process. He added, “’I’m confident Boeing’s approval of Paulo’s Cleveland Division presents a great opportunity for many suppliers to find relief with our speedy lead times and ability to consistently meet quality standards combined with tremendous processing capacity.”

The Paulo Cleveland Division holds many Aerospace & Defense approvals and operates 24/7 with over 30 vacuum furnaces. Cleveland is the second Paulo location to earn Boeing approval. The Kansas City Division has held Boeing approval for several years processing to the BAC5619 and BAC5617 specifications.

Founded in 1943, Paulo is one of the largest providers of thermal processing and metal finishing solutions in North America. Headquartered in St. Louis, Paulo operates six strategically-located divisions across the U.S. and Mexico. We deliver quality results with datagineering: blending the best in automation, data, and human expertise.

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