A group of Paulo employees will be traveling to Paris for the 52nd annual Paris Air Show.  The show is organized by SIAE a subsidiary of GIFAS (the French Aerospace Industries Association).  The show is the largest and oldest air show in the world with 139,000 trade visitors, over 200 exhibitors, and 150 aircraft on display. The event is held at Le Bourget Exhibition Center about 10 miles North of Paris.

Paris Air Show Aerial
Photo copyright : (c) SIAE 2015 – A.DASTE

The Paris Air Show is open to business attendees from Monday June 19th-22nd and open to the public June 23rd-25th. Phil Harris, Marketing Manager, says, “The Paris Air Show is a great opportunity to see all of the key players in the Aerospace industry in one place. We are excited to see some existing customers and meet a bunch of new people.  Of course seeing the F-35 and other aircraft on display and in action will be a treat.” Joining Phil at the air show will be William Rassieur, Vice President Sales, and Ben Crawford, Vice President Operations.
If you plan to attend the air show and would like to have a conversation with part of the Paulo team, please contact us, or email sales@paulo.com.

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