Paulo is pleased to announce our continued commitment to providing service offerings for our customers by installing two air furnaces servicing high heat temperature requirements. As a company Paulo is committed to providing capacity, quality processes, and turnaround to meet customer requirements. With the installation of the furnaces it expands our ability to meet stringent delivery expectations. The furnaces will process stress relieving and annealing.

Air Furnaces Annealing
Air furnaces, left installed and right undergoing installation.

Ben Crawford, Vice President Operations, states, “We are committed to seeking new processing methods to continually improve service performance to our customers.  Our customers deliver products with demanding schedules and our goal is to be a partner and provide services that meet these demands.”
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Founded in 1943, Paulo is one of the largest providers of heat treating, brazing, and metal finishing solutions in North America. Headquartered in St. Louis, Paulo operates five divisions servicing the mid-west, great lakes, and southeast regions of the United States. Paulo’s customers include leaders in a variety of industries.

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