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Without our people, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Just having the best technology or the best data isn’t enough. That’s why we coined the term “datagineering” because it’s about how we bring together the best of people, science, data, and technology to produce unparalleled results in thermal processing. Even through all the challenges 2020 presented, it’s something we’re proud to say our team members have made sure to uphold. This year, we have four individuals who were recognized by their peers for their commitment, not just to our values and our future goals, but to our customers as well.
From all the nominations we received for these awards, we’re proud to see how many of our team members support and inspire those around them by their efforts. But even in such a broad field of excellence, there were four who stood out in raising the bar in our key areas of focus: Effort, Example, and Excellence, as well as our Frank Rassieur Award.

Effort Award – Lanny Hughley

The 2020 Paulo Effort Award goes to Coating Technician Lanny Hughley of the Paulo Cleveland Division.
Lanny’s positive attitude, versatility, performance and knowledge-sharing not only strengthened the team but also earned the respect of his colleagues and teammates for his contribution helping to cover a different department—which he accomplished while both maintaining production levels for and training and developing three different teammates in his home department. Lanny’s efforts helped us to maintain and exceed turnaround times despite multiple challenges rising from COVID.
Nominees for the Effort Award also included:

Arnold Gainer | CLV
Erick Tron | MTY
Jim Loveland | CLV
Leanne Lucas | CLV
Brian Walker | CHQ
Eve Gerstheimer | STL
John Towe IV | NVL
Ray Bouslog | NVL
Chris Benash | CHQ
Jearld Powell | KCY
Sue McMahon | NVL
Ron Juenger | CHQ


Example Award – Sue McMahon

The 2020 Paulo Example Award is presented to Sue McMahon, Administrative Manager of the Paulo Nashville Division.
Sue’s guidance and counsel during our Nashville division’s leadership transition have been instrumental in positioning Nashville for success. Sue always has her fingers on the pulse of the organization and keeps everything running smoothly, helping to prioritize and execute the most important actions. Ready with a kind word, a listening ear, or just a smile, her caring is an inspiring example for all of us at Paulo.
Nominees for the Example Award also included:

Julie Evans | STLScott Russ | CHQ 


Excellence Award – Emily LaPrairie

For her contributions in improving productivity and quality, Fuel Cell Assembly Operator II Emily LaPrairie of the Paulo Cleveland Division has earned the 2020 Paulo Excellence Award.
Emily has long played a key role in the development of a fuel cell project in Cleveland. She is our processing expert and knows every detail of this job. Emily has been intimately involved in countless innovations, which have dramatically improved productivity and quality. As the department has expanded, Emily has provided leadership as new people come in to handle the increasing production.
Nominees for the Excellence Award also included:

Amber Gates | CHQ
Kathy Neumann | CHQ
Teah Mcghee | CHQ
Mike Sommars | CHQ
Tim Mohr | CHQ
Wil Haman | CLV
Jeb Clement | KCY
Sue McMahon | NVL
Tony Williams | CLV


Frank Rassieur Award – John Straetker

And last but certainly not least, John Straetker, Vice President—Finance & Administration, is presented the 2020 Frank Rassieur Award.
John’s work on enhanced financial reporting allows for commitment to performance, transparency, and quick recognition of areas of strengths and weaknesses. For Paulo’s strategic decisions, these valuable tools together have furthered Paulo’s ability to serve our customers even better. Paulo is truly a stronger company because of John’s work.
Nominees for the Frank Rassieur Award also included:

Ben Lesire | CHQ
Mike Harper | CHQ
Julie Evans | STL



We again congratulate all our winners and nominees. We are proud to have each and every one of our team members as we continue to push datagineering to new heights in 2021.

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