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Hot Isostatic Press

We can combine HIP and heat treating in the same cycle while yielding excellent mechanical properties in your parts.

One Vessel. Many Benefits.

Our HIP vessel’s ability to combine HIP and heat treatment in a single cycle and perform rapid cooling helps reduce cycle times. But that’s not all it can do. Our HIP vessel helps preserve tight tolerances, improve ductility and fatigue resistance, and achieve 100% theoretical density for your critical parts. 

Paulo’s Hot Isostatic Press: Quintus Technologies QIH-122 URC

Developed by Quintus Technologies®, the QIH-122 URC is classified as a medium hot isostatic press (HIP) system that combines traditional hot isostatic pressing with heat treatment in the same cycle. It is a full production system which is suited for all markets from AM (additive manufacturing) and MIM (metal injection molding) to investment castings. 

Hot Isostatic Press Specifications
  • Maximum Working Area Size: 24.5” D x 68” H
  • Maximum Capacity: 4,409 lbs
  • Maximum Temperature: 2,552 °F
  • Maximum Pressure: 30,000 psi
  • Atmosphere: Argon

Benefits of Rapid Cooling and Custom Cooling Rates

In a HIP system without rapid cooling, natural cooling can take from 8 to 12 hours, which is usually over half the typical cycle duration. The Quintus QIH-122 URC’s design cools all areas of the workload uniformly, minimizing thermal distortion and non-uniform grain growth. This creates superior consistency in the results of parts after processing. We can also customize your parts’ cooling rate to meet your exact specifications.

HIP + High Pressure Heat Treatment for Additive Parts

Want to see the data that proves the benefits of HIP, high pressure heat treatment, and rapid cooling? Check out our study where we tested a variety of processing combinations on Cobalt Chrome F75 components to see how the properties were affected!

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Have a heat treating project that requires processing in a continuous belt furnace? Paulo can help you achieve precise, repeatable results. Tell us a little about your project and we’ll connect you with a Paulo expert who can help.

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