Ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) is a case-hardening technique that uses heat, nitrogen and carbon to toughen up the exterior of a steel part, improving its durability, appearance, and corrosion resistance. It’s often used for the HPDC (high pressure die casting) dies in the automotive industry used to create castings for engine blocks, bell housings, transfer cases, and structural members.
For especially large dies, it can also be challenging to find a partner with furnaces large enough to perform the heat treatment and FNC. Paulo has the solution.

Processing high pressure die casting dies: Capacity matters

To increase our capacity for performing FNC on large HPDC dies, Paulo engineered and built our own extra-large nitriding furnace specifically to handle parts like large dies up to 30,000 pounds.
All of our furnaces involved in the processing of HPDC dies are fully integrated with Paulo’s process control automation and our PICS system—ensuring precision in processing and documentation of results.

Furnace capabilities for HPDC die heat treatment & FNC

Our furnace capabilities are only the beginning

In addition to our equipment, tool & die shops experience a slew of other benefits when working with Paulo. 


Paulo has been performing FNC since the 1970s, and we now offer 24 types of FNC processes. In fact, our team of highly skilled professionals recently met the FNC spec of a major Asian automotive manufacturer.


We understand the investment you’ve made in your large HPDC dies prior to trusting us with processing them. We handle your parts accordingly with a high level of attention—hand cleaning, using gloves, and gentle treatment—to ensure your dies are returned to you in pristine condition, ready for service.

Our equipment + our science = your results

As the size of dies increases, it can become more difficult to find a suitable partner to perform the processing you need. We also understand that as the size of your die gets larger, typically so does your investment in the part—which means quality of results and white glove handling must be flawless in order to yield the maximum die life. With the largest in-house metallurgy team of any commercial heat treater, Paulo has the equipment and the people to deliver on this promise.
Let’s solve your tool & die challenges together. Contact a Paulo expert today.

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