Thermal Processing for Medical

Paulo provides advanced heat treatment services for medical components in addition to the equipment and tooling used to manufacture critical medical supplies.

In-spec results for your critical parts

If you have experienced disruption in your supply chain or have pivoted your production to aid in the response to COVID-19, Paulo can help.

Our strategically located facilities across North America put our vacuum heat treating and hot isostatic pressing (HIP) capabilities within your reach, so you can continue to provide the essential products that so many people are relying on.

Let us know what certifications and approvals you require and we’ll get to work on them.

Our state of the art equipment is also backed by the industry’s leading quality assurance system and its largest team of onsite metallurgists to bring you results you can rely on. With vast expertise in highly regulated industries such as aerospace, we’re well versed in….

  • Compliance with DISA-designated critical manufacturing process requirements
  • Stringent process and product requirements
  • Lot traceability best practices
  • Transparency and visibility
  • Improving product quality and reduce the potential for recalls and warranty claims
  • Reducing risk of recalls and patient complications

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Your Partners in Precision
  • We can help fill the gaps if other heat treat suppliers are unable to meet your needs
  • We can offer guidance if you are heat treating new types of parts for the first time, such as determining appropriate specifications for materials
  • Diversify your supplier base to mitigate future risk due to supply chain disruption
Other Heat Treaters...

Fail to deliver on promised turnaround times, jeopardizing critical jobs

Often need to rework parts, leading to missed shipments and production shutdowns

Lack knowledge of specialized processes or materials

Have limited data to investigate the root cause of results that occur outside of spec


Intentionally operates at 85% capacity to allow for volume fluctuations and processing your rush orders

Brings you peace of mind through automation that adjusts furnace controls to reduce error and deliver consistent accuracy

Paulo’s in-house metallurgists have experience working with a wide variety of parts, materials, and processes

Quickly identifies and corrects processing issues with the industry’s most advanced data collection system

Paulo has the capabilities to process your critical parts.

Our work with medical device and equipment suppliers, in addition to other highly-regulated industries such as aerospace, has led us to develop broad capabilities to support you. We align with you neds with delicate handling, dependable consistency between lots, and scale free parts.

Medical Components

– Guide Wires
– Stents
– Surgical Tools
– Hypodermic Tubing
– Device Assemblies
– Implants


– Hot Isostatic Press (HIP)
– Vacuum Aging
– Vacuum Annealing
– Pressure Quenching
– Vacuum Tempering
– Vacuum Solution treating
– Vacuum Hardening
– Vacuum Brazing


– Cobalt Chrome
– Stainless Steels
– Titanium

Serving the entire medical industry supply chain

In addition to the devices themselves, we also regularly heat treat the components for the machines that make them…and the machines that make those machines. We’re experienced with the heat treatment of…

  •  Fasteners
  •  Bearings & Gears
  •  Stamping & Fineblanking
  •  Screw Machine Parts
  •  Castings
  •  Forgings

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Paulo datagineering is driving precision for manufacturing innovators.

Paulo is the largest privately-held commercial thermal processing company in the United States and has been in business since 1943. We’ve grown since them to become a centralized network of strategically located Paulo plants across North America.

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