Zinc Plating

Keep your parts from corroding while improving their appearance.

Zinc plating is a subcategory of electroplating, which refers to the use of an electric current to dissolve a metal, in this case zinc, in a solution bath for the purpose of forming a metal coating on a part.

The solution in the baths may vary, but at Paulo this process is normally used for small parts rather than sheets of metal. These could include screws, fasteners, nut, bolts or other small hardware pieces. Zinc plating may be conducted to enhance a product’s corrosion control characteristics, or as an aesthetic finish for small parts that may be visible on a fully assembled product.

Since zinc plating is traditionally performed on large batches of small parts, manufacturers looking to contract out this important service will want to make sure they’re working with a partner that has the capacity to handle large volumes of parts. At Paulo, we’re capable of delivering quality plating work at a rate of 12,000 pounds per hour, ensuring our turnaround times fit with your schedule.

Our high-capacity zinc plating operations feature:

  • Trivalent chromates including clear and yellow, but never toxic hexavalent chromates
  • Seals to improve salt spray performance
  • Large baking operation to reduce the risk of hydrogen embrittlement
  • RoHS 2 and REACH compliance
  • Available compliance with many auto industry OEM plating specifications

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