Plug & Press Quench

Parts keep their shapes during rapid cooling.

Every project is unique – and we’ve designed Paulo’s systems to be flexible and collaborative to accommodate every possibility. We give you precise control over the dimensions or specifications of your components, using plates or dies under pressure to minimize distortion. Our PLC-controlled systems – combined with the proximity of our furnaces to the presses, reduces quench delays and improves long-term quality.

While other heat treaters may mark up tooling costs for these custom orders, at Paulo, we do not. We have close relationships with local suppliers who work with our in-house engineers to expedite tool builds, so we can complete your project even under a tight timeframe.

We offer:

  • Plug quench – to control specific dimensions of a heated component
  • Press quench – to control dimensions and limit distortion, achieved by heating components between plates or dies
  • Fixture quench – to control multiple dimensions during treating

Locations offering this service:

Process is important. Download: The role of quenching in heat treating