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Thermal Processing for Automotive & Heavy Truck

Paulo has a long history of proven success with thermal processing and heat treatment in automotive, working with leading carmakers, heavy truck manufacturers, and tiered suppliers in North America and beyond.

We’re Prepared to Solve Your Challenges

Proper thermal processing is the key to safety for cars and trucks. The automated precision controls in our system ensure your parts are processed to your exact specifications. We also have safeguards in place to prevent any out of spec part from entering your supply chain, protecting both your customers and your business.

Lot Traceability Paulo has the most advanced data collection and automation system of any commercial heat treater. All process and testing data is captured and cataloged electronically in our PICS system, ready for recall within a few clicks. Also, our handling practices prevent mixed parts.
Turnaround Times
With more manufacturers adopting just-in-time inventory models, turnaround times for processing are more important than ever. While processing times vary, we schedule strategically to shorten turnaround as much as possible and plan to anticipate rush orders.
Strict Specifications Consumers rely on safety system components every time they climb into their vehicles. That’s why we’ve built smart, automatic process controls to ensure your parts meet specifications—and we have the industry’s largest in-house metallurgy team to verify results through testing.
Certification & Approval Process We already hold many certifications and approvals across our plant system and are well-versed in the process of obtaining them. We’ve successfully expedited the PPAP process for several customers to keep their production running, and we can do the same for you.


Automotive & Heavy Truck Thermal Processing Capabilities

We are a full-service commercial thermal processor with a comprehensive range of capabilities and a vast equipment array. These are a few of the services we most commonly perform for our automotive and heavy truck customers.

  • Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC). FNC is a case hardening technique that improves durability, appearance, and corrosion resistance for automotive parts such as crankshafts, camshafts, brake rotors, and gears.
  • Zinc plating and zinc phosphating. We offer zinc plating and zinc phosphating services for large batches of parts to prevent corrosion, improve appearance, and reduce conductivity, in addition to other benefits.
  • Case hardening. Our precision controls allow us to meet even the most strict case depth specifications for your fasteners, bearings, gears, engine parts, and more in either batch or continuous belt furnaces. 
  • Nitriding. Gas nitriding is used to case harden parts that require high wear resistance. Because it is carried out at a lower temperature, gas nitriding helps prevent the part distortion that can sometimes occur due to more extreme heating.
  • Black oxide coating. Black oxide can give your finished parts the perfect sharp black appearance, enhance corrosion resistance, and minimize light reflection. 
  • Austempering. Austempering can increase toughness while maintaining the shape of automotive components with tight dimensional requirements.


Automotive & Heavy Truck Components We Process

  • Metal stampings and fineblankings
  • Fasteners, Clips, and Clamps
  • Safety system components
  • Seat components
  • Seat belt buckles
  • Engine components
  • Brake Rotors


Approvals and Certifications

Paulo holds many approvals from prominent manufacturers such as GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, and more. We also have several CQI, ISO, and IATF certifications across our plant system. See our quality page for a full list of our approvals and certifications.

Trust Your Parts to Paulo

From precise processing to testing, handling, and more, Paulo’s team can provide a vital link in your supply chain. Our team of in-house metallurgists can also help identify and resolve issues that a previous heat treater may have had to bring your parts to spec. Bottom line? Bring us your challenges, and let’s work on solving them together.


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