Thermal Processing for Agriculture

Agricultural equipment plays a key role in the food supply chain, and quality thermal processing for components ensures that it can perform up to and exceeding expectations in the field. 

We Know Agricultural Equipment

We’ve been working with leading agricultural equipment manufacturers for over 75 years, so we’re familiar with the challenges you face in your business. In fact, we’ve shaped the way we work to help you overcome them.

Turnaround Times. We know that demand for agricultural equipment is high, and OEMs and tiered suppliers who can deliver are the ones who will win in the marketplace. Our process automation, precision, and scheduling philosophy come together to ensure the timely processing of your components so you can meet your commitments and maintain the integrity of your supply chain. Shorter turnaround times also help you improve cash flow by lessening the amount of time your money is tied up in “work in process” inventory.

Quality Processing. Part failure in the field can have catastrophic repercussions for your customers and your company. Our PICS system, automated furnace controls, and quality team ensure that your parts are processed properly the first time—and have safeguards in place to prevent any out-of-spec parts from entering the supply chain. 

Large Volumes. The scalability of your organization depends on its ability to respond to increased demand. With a large equipment array and multiple furnace redundancies, we can help you take advantage of these market fluctuations to increase your revenue and earn the trust of your customers.

Agricultural Equipment Thermal Processing Capabilities

We are a full-service commercial thermal processor with a comprehensive range of capabilities and a vast equipment array. These are a few of the services we most commonly perform for our agriculture customers.

  • Austempering. Agricultural components used for tilling or other heavy wear applications require superior toughness, making austempering an ideal process. Austempering is commonly used on castings and forgings, but is occasionally used for machined parts. Common materials we austemper for agricultural applications include ductile iron, general alloy steels, and 4140 alloy steel. 
  • Case hardening using carbonitriding or gas carburizing. The parts we typically case harden for agriculture applications are usually made by machining or stamping. Low carbon steels such as 1010 and 1018 are common, as well as 8620 alloy steel. Our team can help you determine whether carbonitriding or gas carburizing is the ideal process for your program if you need assistance in determining a new specification.
  • Neutral hardening. Similar to austempering, neutral hardening is ideal for heavy wear components made from casting, forging, stamping, and sometimes machining. We can neutral harden your agricultural parts in our vacuum furnaces, integral quench furnaces or on our continuous belt furnaces, depending on the volume, part geometry, and material.

Agricultural Components We Process

  • Pivot pins
  • Bushings
  • Collars
  • Trencher teeth
  • Spaces
  • Fasteners
  • Round tube
  • Disc scrapers
  • Clutches
  • Upper and bottom rollers
  • Arms
  • Coulter arms
  • Axles
  • Thrust washers

Trust Your Parts to Paulo

From precise processing to testing, handling, and more, Paulo’s team can provide a vital link in your supply chain. Our team of in-house metallurgists can also help identify and resolve issues that a previous heat treater may have had to bring your parts to spec. Bottom line? Bring us your challenges, and let’s work on solving them together.

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