Aerospace & Defense

Expert thermal processing for critical aerospace components

Paulo has earned a reputation as a renowned provider of commercial and defense aerospace heat treating services.

We’ve led the way for three decades, combining unparalleled technical skill, a stellar quality management regimen and the certifications necessary to do this complex work, including Nadcap and AS 9100.

Aerospace heat treating capabilities

With vacuum, batch and continuous batch equipment running nonstop in our Cleveland and Kansas City divisions, Paulo has the solution treating and vacuum brazing capacity necessary to complete aerospace heat treating orders on short deadlines and turn them around quickly.

We process a wide variety of parts found throughout commercial and military aircraft, including:

  • Critical sensors and other radar and electronic systems components.
  • “Hot section” engine parts that must be able to perform in intense heat.
  • Door locking hinges and wing attachment bolts—the parts we treat hold planes together and keep people safely inside in flight.

If you’ve ever flown commercial, your plane probably included parts treated by Paulo. We’ve processed numerous components (including hot section engine parts) for Boeing 737, 757 and 787 Dreamliner aircraft in addition to many other commercial aircraft platforms.

Our military résumé is also exceptionally strong, having treated components in combat aircraft like Lockheed Martin’s F-35, Boeing’s F/A-18 and Fairchild-Republic’s famed A-10 Thunderbolt (better known by its nickname ‘Warthog’). In addition, we’ve completed specialty treatments of parts found in the turbine engines that power helicopters and tanks. We’ve treated submarine parts, too.

We even treated rocket booster fuel pump parts during NASA’s space shuttle program and have treated parts currently in orbit on the International Space Station.

Commitment to quality

Paulo was the first National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap)-certified thermal processor east of the Mississippi River and quickly achieved the Program’s merit status in both Cleveland and Kansas City. That means their auditors were impressed enough by our sites, equipment and process controls that they audit us every two years instead of annually.

It doesn’t stop there. Paulo has a long tradition of modifying and customizing processing equipment to meet customers’ unique specs. If no one makes the equipment we need, we’ll build it ourselves. And, thanks to our advanced process control automation, we often complete obscure, one-off or technically complex aerospace heat treatment jobs that other processors won’t touch.

Running a tight ship

Much of the aerospace heat treating projects we complete feature expensive, sensitive parts that must be handled with extreme care. In addition to using advanced equipment capable of fine-tuned treatment to exact specifications, we also carefully monitor how your components are handled and tracked through our processes.

And we’re committed to doing the job right the first time. The aerospace and defense components we process cannot fail. It’s as simple as that. And at Paulo, we see to it that they won’t.

If you’re an aerospace or defense supplier, Paulo could be the quality-focused thermal processor you can count on to provide critical thermal processes like solution treating or vacuum brazing.

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