Zinc Phosphating Lines

In the automotive, electronic and appliance industries, parts are often required to have some degree of corrosion resistance, a non-metallic finish or a non-conductive finish. In these cases, zinc phosphating is often an option worthy of some exploration. Zinc phosphating can also be performed to achieve a certain color, base plating or as a means of gaining better adhesion properties. As a part of our metal finishing services, Paulo maintains a zinc phosphating line capable of quickly processing large-batch orders with additional capabilities such as oils and sealants for added corrosion resistance or increased lubrication.

Barrel phosphating equipment helps us to process large orders quickly (thousands of pounds per hour), ensuring our customers don’t encounter holdups on one of the final steps of a part’s production. Typically, this process is best utilized for smaller parts, which are rotated through chemical baths for a designated cycle time.

As always, Paulo’s zinc phosphating line is computer-controlled and highly automated for optimal quality control and consistency. Our Production Information and Customer Service system (PICS) helps us to ensure that, from start to finish, our processes are conducted with the utmost precision and according to industry best practices and standards.

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