Plug and Press Quenches

It’s a physical reality that steel tends to expand when it transforms. For some parts, though, this can present a real problem. If a part needs to remain flat, or a bore needs to be preserved in its present dimensions, it can be pressed as it’s quenched, or a cold plug can be inserted into the bore as it cools. Using plates or dies under pressure to minimize distortion, these specialized quenches help to prevent the sort of distortion that could result in a malfunctioning part.

And while others may run up costs for specialized tooling equipment, our extensive network of relationships and experience with custom tooling means we can offer a wide and flexible range of these specialized quenches without a markup. The plug and press quench services we offer include:

  • Plug quenches—for preserving the specific dimensions of a heated component
  • Press quenches—plates or dies which limit distortion and preserve the original dimensions of a part as it undergoes heat treating
  • Fixture quenches—custom quenches for controlling multiple dimensions during heat treating

Our highly customized control systems also help to ensure that quenching delays are minimized. This, combined with the proximity of our presses to our furnaces, helps to ensure the long-term quality of work conducted with our specialized quenches. When our Production Information and Customer Service system (PICS) is added into the mix, we’ve fine-tuned the production process to ensure that deadlines are met, quality is preserved and the customer gets what they expect.

Process is important. Download: The role of quenching in heat treating