Black Oxide Lines

When a sharp black is required to nail a part’s cosmetic finish, Paulo has the black oxide lines to get it done. Used for aesthetics, mild corrosion resistance and to minimize light reflection, black oxide finishes are available for a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Achieved by submersion in a high-temperature chemical bath, many of our customers request this process to give consumer products a look that set their products apart from the rest.

Whether those parts are tools, drill bits, handles or other hardware, Paulo’s black oxide lines are capable of providing a smooth, long-lasting layer of protection for it all.

We use a rack-and-dip process, as well as barrels in St. Louis, Murfreesboro and Kansas City, which allow for a high degree of flexibility in finishing parts of various shapes and sizes. A black oxide finish can ensure your part meets critical industry specifications for mild corrosion resistance and surface protection, and our experienced engineers are ready to work with you to decide what post-dip options may be best for your parts.

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