Production Information and Customer Service System

Making sure the job is done right – from start to finish.

The cornerstone of the Paulo quality program is the Production Information and Customer Service system (PICS). Every order – and everything about orders – is entered into the system, tracking from receipt, through processing and inspection, shipment and billing.

It’s both the brains and the brawn of our system, allowing us to collect data and learn from each process and instantly apply this knowledge to your project. The data is collected and shared across our five divisions.

The data from PICS ensures we are able to maintain consistency across even the largest orders – down to even the smallest detail.

It all comes down to data, production management and process control.

The data gathered and generated by PICS feeds everything we do. The data in PICS comes from customer specifications, engineering and technical personnel in each division.

Every division has one person – a librarian of sorts – who is responsible for ensuring the integrity and accuracy of this data. We believe this is the only way to ensure every single part we touch meets our customers’ expectations.

Our production management software takes this data, and uses it to schedule and log all production activity. This ensures your process stays on schedule, and allows us to give you real-time updates on its progress.

And because details are important, PICS also feeds our process control systems, applying our knowledge and best practices to deliver temperature, time and other instructions to key equipment controls.

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